cbgreekmermaid by Currerbell

cbgreekmermaid by

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A watercolor experiment I did--I rather like how the legs turned out :)


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Wow, nice work :-)


Well, if you didn't like the legs, what else would there be to like! ;-D Great Job!


Looks nice, however I dont agree to the "leg-fusing" approach on mermaid transformations - if you compare the skeleton of fish and land-living vertebrates, you see the ventral-fins evolved into legs, while the tail stayed a tail and just vanished later when it come to humans.

There are even humans which are born with a short tail - happens rarely and usually its surgically removed right after birth.

So if a human would transform into a mer-creature, it would be more logical, if the legs wo


Valid evolutionary points there, but the way I see it, mermaids are beings of pure fantasy, first invented by folks who weren't familiar with the evolutionary history of mammals and fish. If she were becoming a dolphin, I would probably prefer the shrinking legs method, but I think it's easier to suspend one's disbelief when it comes to mermaids. Besides, the curve of their fish tails is typically based on the aesthetically pleasing curves of the female thighs anyway. ;)


Quite agree: when you're dealing with mythologicals (mermaids, centaurs, gryphons &c) that don't conform to regular zoological morphology, the only reliable guide is the artist's intuition....7@=e


who cares about science, this is art......


i hope those shorts disenergrate, or else she's in for a world of hurt when her fused legs hit the leg holes.