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I've revised this a bit based off of your comments thus far. Admittedly, the eyes looked a lot better in sketch form than in the final drawing. Hopefully, they are no longer giving you all nightmares. ;) I've also tweaked a couple of other things that were mentioned, and uploaded a bigger version of the drawing, as well. I'm always so worried about whether or not I'm coloring things properly (I'm color blind) that I sometimes gloss over other important aspects of the drawing. That's what you guys are here for, though. So, any further feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!


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FIRST...Time I've seen you in a while.


i like how your arts improved. much more shady and standout-y :D


Those eyes are...haunting...they're peering into my very SOUL!


great work :P


I like


Simply amazing! I absolutely love the perspective in this! I'd really love to see you redo one of your TF Comics with this style, and I think many would agree. ;]


I really like the new technique. It's very clean. So far as the picture itself, I love her eyes, they just seem to grab you when you look at them.


Faved. Awesome piece.


Amazing as work as always! I will have to agree with Kainessa. . . Those eyes really creep me out.


this is some AMAZING work. i agree with kainessa the eyes are haunting. would love to see more art like this in the future and would like to see this tf all the way to its completion (spell check lol).


very nice would like to see more work like this or a sequence keep up the good work.


The eyes kind of take it into the Uncanny Valley...I like the style in general, though.


nice to see ur art back on here and the hair doesnt match the rest of the drawing looks too much like paint compared to the body


like it :) I don't mind if ur next work will be a little later ^^ love it anyway


:O u are amazing. such progress is like WOW!


I really leik teh hands ....teh rest iz good too :P




Wow. :o I'm a lurker who doesn't comment very much - but this merits it. I like. :) I'm taken by the colouring, the depth and the lighting; sure, the eyes are unusual but deep. ^^


Holy crap, that face is awesome


*plays the Moonlight Sonata* Faved, though!


looks great


This is wonderful!!


Uncanny valley... That's the term I was looking for. I dunno if its what you were going for, but this picture radiates "disturbing". It's not just the eyes either: the smile seems forced and doll-like... its too semetrical... too sculpted, like a porcelain doll. The floor there is pretty clever; Lemme guess, liberal use of scale, skew, and rotation in a graphics prog, with some blur mixed in for perspective, right? Some folks miiiight consider it cheating, but bah... What else are the tools there for, if not to be used? besides, its well implemented here either way: Gives the pic a sense of depth. The colors in the floor mix well with the colors with the eyes, adding to the whole "Magic Circle" feel.


hmph... pardon my spelling errors if you can. Anyway, the next thing that stands out most with me is the shading and coloring work: very well blended, adding a sense of realism, especially in deciding to go without an "outline" on the character. If I had any complaints at all, I would say add at least a little bit of specular highlight, such as in her hair: she seems just a little bit too flat in some places because the eye can't pick out all the depth without that slight bit of extreme light and darkness to pick out where the body bulbs out or curves inward, if that makes any sense. Lastly, keep practicing your anatomy and clothing detail: her shirt looks just a bit too billowey and wrinkled, and her legs look a mite off: the lifted one looks like it sinks too low as it nears the butt/hip line, and the tail looks somewhat forcefully bent, rather than curved. Hope my input helps at least a bit. :)


I guess I like the more serious, less cartoonyness about it.


While color, proportions and light look very nice, it has hit the uncanny valley. Now, this can be avoided, it's mostly related to the face. I really like, no I love what you've done here, you've actually gotten so good, but not perfect yet. Seriously, best of luck.


Nice! I like your cartoony style too, but the extra effort you put into this style really does show.


not sure if its those eyes, they creep me the hell out, but i liked your cartoon style better it seems. not to say theres anything wrong with it just stuck on that look


I agree with everyone on the eyes; they're just too creepy! Otherwise I like the style!


"You've got the crazy eyes."


It`s sure different thananything else here, in a good way of course.


Wow, that's looking so cool it's creepy! Her eyes are almost hypnotic, and the shading is bar none outstanding!!


I love it, keep up the killer work :D


This is a very interesting piece of art! The shadpe and style of her paws, tail, and other feline parts reflect the style of your comic, while still placing them on a more realistic looking figure and it works great! I have always been a fan of your work!


I love pic


I also love pic xP


Great eyes. Keep it up!


You mentioned you are color blind, so just for that note I'll mention that her skin tone is rather red. What form of color blindness do you have?


nice pic, good to see you're still about =D


perfect face, color and tf scene.. =)


Glad to see more TF stuff from ya!


Wait wait wait.... Is that suppposed to be Ashley?


Wait... you're colorblind?... Fascinating! Oh, wait, I'd best apologise... I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to mixing art and psychology, namely how psychology effects one's artwork, and vice-versa. Truth be told, I wouldn't have even guessed you were based on this piece, but it does make me wonder how it effects your work... Just the intrigued ramblings of a nerd, don't mind me... B-) *ponders...*


nice...very nice!


Strange but, I prefered the eyes of the first version ^^;


Your back....and RADICALLY DIFFERENT. Sweet new style definitely gonna see whats up with you comic after this.


You know what I'm going to say, man. :) Excited for your triumphant return, and liking your stylistic change. I wondered when it was going to happen since you


improved your comic as well. Congrats!


sequence in this style would be wonderful ;)


Come back, we miss you