BCollie taur by Edthebordercollie

BCollie taur by

Date: 2/11/2013 Views: 10349 Favorites: 32 Comments: 5


haven't drawn Ed in a while, this needed to be fixed immediately.


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I think the last part of the TF sequence looks really weird. The upper half of the taur is too forward and looks like it couldn't possibly hold the weight as it is. Move it back a little and it should look about right.


Nice sequence but yeah, the last panel looks a bit off. The upper torso looks like it has sunk into the lower one - I think if it were raised and the legs enlarged a bit (or upper torso shrunk) it'd look better.


Everyone's a critic!


yea the last one was drawn several days after the other two, and my drawing abilities seem to vary like the weather between days sometimes. It was originally supposed to be sitting but couldn't get the back legs to do right and I redid the lower half. Also only the second time I've ever drawn a taur, so I haven't quite got that anatomy worked out yet