Gargoyle by Emerwyn

Gargoyle by

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Codename F (in other words, a currently nameless character) has returned from a routine mission feeling... a little strange. She tells the silent Red to inform 'Gon, leader of their numerous questionable 'expeditions' that she will not be attending the ever-so-important weekly meeting. Fully aware of the risks, F just needs rest. Something is not right. This is just a pilot of sorts for these characters, also a little TF experiment. She's kind of a gargoyle-looking thing, so I called it Gargoyle. I kind of got lazy towards the end, hence the shoddy inking.


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Aww! cute little furry gargoyle! btw I like this sequence, it has character.


Furry gargoyle ftw. Also first time I seen a furry gargoyle. Nice work and good sequence.


Love the facial expressions!


i like the way the guy who opens the door speaks, kinda european sounding, nice pic.


Great job.


Kinda bizzare, but definately cool. Great Work.


fun sequence to look through really - nice work ^^


I like it! !^^ but I'm not sure whats the trigger of the tf


I haven't revealed what the trigger is. XD She ran into a little trouble a while back. That's all for now... >.> Thanks for all the nice comments, guys. It's much appreciated


need more gargoyles tfs like this


is there a story written about this? I would love to read it if so, because the whole plot is very interesting :) Nice sequence FTW


Okay, first off, bloody amazing work. I like (almost) everything about this picture. That said, I have one complait: We don't really get to see what she fully looks like at the end, with snout, wings and tail. Sorry, I just like having that there to have something to compare with the starting picture. Oh yeah, one question: will you be submitting any further pictures to Transfur? Because if not, please post where you're going to be putting them! Nice work.


Good one! I like other over-all progression of the TF, hot it feels like it's taking quite a while. The story is strange, I don't quite get it, but it's good, too. Lastly, the slur on her pronunciation it well done. *thunbs up*