Dragoncolor by Faolchu

Dragoncolor by

Date: 5/15/2003 Views: 24247 Favorites: 56 Comments: 6


The first 6 sequence TF I've done- A man turning into a Dragon/ Wyvern; with a special thanks to Lars for the coloring tips :-)


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This reminds me of a tf you don't see around that often anymore. Ever heard of Sauron? Not the Tolkien villain, in this case. Sauron is a villain in the X-men series: a were-pterodactyl. He did happen to name himself after the tolkien villian, tho, so that was no coincidence. His powers are similar to rogue's in that he is capable of absorbing vitality from humans and mutants alike, though instead of stealing their powers, the energy is converted to amplify his preset powers. An incident involvi


Actually it kinda reminds me of Sauron too, and this is a good thing. :) I've got most of his comic appearances and the only reason I watch X-Men: Evolution is in case he ever is in an ep.


Hey, not bad at all!!


This is a good start to the sequence, and it shows! the other pics are magnificiant!!


I love the fact that you colored it, it adds a whole new dimension to any artwork. I also love the detail in the wings.


I like it. It makes it seem more... REAL than other drawings like this.