Desert Secret by Fenchurch

Desert Secret by

Date: 8/6/2008 Views: 25530 Favorites: 163 Comments: 17

Fused Legs

A lone walk in the desert is all well and good, just be careful about what you pick up. Those nagas think they have the perfect body, and they're not averse to sharing it through "gifts" they leave throughout the rocks and shifting sands!


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Awesome :D


All she has to do is lower her head...


It's a joke about her suddenly realizing her armless state more than a poser for an irresolvable situation, Clayman... =-P


Even though I see it is a joke... I do agree with Clayman... it isn't that hard to simply lower your head and let it slip off.


ah, now would be interesting if it were like a piercing or jewel that became a scale during transformation. i got the joke but unfortunately its still too easy to either use the tail, lower the head, shed the skin, all that... so that kinda makes us even types who would put reality aside still kinda be like "but why doesn't she?" :P


It would've been better to make the amulet smaller and go around the neck and then connect.


She can't lower her head, snakes can't look down.


I wouldnt like it if I was turned into an armless snake like in the drawing-------I would LOVE it!:D


"She can't lower her head, snakes can't look down." -- 'Shadey'. Snakes can't lower their heads. Oh. I sure feel bad for snakes, then. They're unable to slither down slopes, go back down to the ground after rearing up (, and certainly cannot live in trees ( That was a joke, right? Somebody PLEASE tell me that was an attempt at a joke.


i love it iv been trying to get some one to accept my aplication for an artist page but i cant get anyone to accept it its been like 2 to 3 weeks and im kinda mad .....


This reminds me of uhh Nagas art, you know sorta thing.


Maybe it's the process of *lifting* the amulet off that reverses it, not just letting it fall off.


I sort of concur with Qwerty on the lifting the amulet, rather than it falling off, because once she's nice and streamlined, it will be a simple matter to slither out of the necklace. Regardless, something about this picture strikes me as attractive, both from her face, and the shape of her body here. so... I favorited it. wonderful picture:)


Idk, Sea, I was under the impression that this is the full tf, not a mid-tf.


To Fask: Calm down. =I


Well maybe the amulet fordid her from stoping the tf, or she was transfixed by the tf that she could not think clearly anouf to remove the necklas!


Lowering her head might not be enough, she'd probably have to hang upside down. Also, great job Fenchurch.