Dragons something something something by Fennex

Dragons something something something by

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Take one wild west setting. stir in some magic. Add dragons as soon as mixture boils. Season with transformation before serving.


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i fought this could place in some kind of fantasy setting?


That is a rather skinny horse. Or is it a tf'd person as well? And what is the horses profession if not the army? Mailrider? Yes bad joke but.....................Anyway nice pic and faved.


Masterx: Probably just an ordinary horse..... but as Douglas Adams once said, when you spend so much time having people sit on your back, you can't help but form some opinions about them..... 7@=Q


I think the horse was transformed too. If not that, then he must be a sentient fantasy creature that just resembles a horse. Horses-born-as-horses don't discuss their occupation with their parents, and don't get any choice anyway. Although I wonder why he wishes he "hadn't" listened.


if the horse joined the army then it would not have a dragon trying to ride it