The last mile by Flinters

The last mile by

Date: 1/11/2010 Views: 16307 Favorites: 104 Comments: 6


Authorities reported today that the SUV owned by the missing hiker David Smith has been found on a state park access road that had been closed for the season and was unpatrolled. The vehcile appears to have run out of fuel. Smith's cell phone was found with numerous attempts to call 911 as the last number dialed, but there is limited to no service in the area. Scattered clothing with Smith's ID was found not far off the road from the vehicle with no sign of Smith. It is presumed that Smith may have succumbed to the cold weather and attempted to hike out where he fell. Scavengers are known to be in the area and his body has not been located. Authorities have cancelled the search pending better weather conditions, but the outlook is grim.


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D'awww, and very nice idea! I get a sense of freedom from this piece that I don't often find. Hooray!


Very well done!


I Love stories like this


Very nicely depicted story, both text and picture. And, well, deer. 'Nuff said <3


Still, being an herbivore in winter isn't going to be easy either.....


You're quite talented at texture with quite simple lines. I'm very envious of your talent.