Kicking by Foxx

Kicking by

Date: 6/12/2002 Views: 13728 Favorites: 71 Comments: 2


a fun lil' fox tf. I like the pose - it was a good chance to work with forshortening and perspective *without* a model this time. I'm getting good at this art thing. =)


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I did that a lot for the first few years - now I'm seeing how a non-growing muzzle looks on a few pictures. also, it was hard to draw one on his face at that angle. for full-grown fox muzzles, go to my archive and chew out "NewPaw.jpg" and, I think, "FoxTrans.jpg". PS - I like your own work too and I think it's safe to say it's an influence on my own. seeya! =) - Foxxi


hmmm... sorry, misread your name as "Alpha Wolf", whom is also an artist. I dunno if you draw, but at least the comment was nice. =) thanks tho. sorry 'bout the confuzzled identity.