Seal Bath color by GrandStorm

Seal Bath color by

Date: 1/31/2009 Views: 19005 Favorites: 84 Comments: 5


A Trade with Ageaus. Its been a long time since I touched a colored pencil, so This time I decided to hit a pic old school and give it a Traditional finish. Here we have a few Merfolk enjoying the local humans from the beach. They indeed are having fun turning them to sea critters using strange masks and jewelry from there deep relics.


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Interesting idea, unusual execution - very stylised. I'll admit I'm not a fan of single-colour base work, but you've put thought into this and it shows (particularly the fact that the human is oblivious because everything above the water is normal) thanks for sharing with us :)


I'm impressed that it scanned so well.


I love it, nice job! :D


I love this this picture and nice work. Mask transformations are my favorite and you also includeda very nice scenario


Brilliant work!

But it world be great if it was a sequence.