wedgie by Hyenashifter

wedgie by

Date: 9/24/2004 Views: 14673 Favorites: 57 Comments: 10


That damn tail! (aka 'World's Worst Wedgie')


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In some weird way, reminds me of Mikhail's stuff. Nice tho! Actually, kinda like SolidAsp meets Mikhail. Anyway <dodges slaps from aforementioned artists> keep it comin!


Let me provide the unseen speach bubble: "FLOINGEN! WITH THE PAIN!"


This explains why weres are so fond of Velcro.


You know, I have never thought of that. That would suck. The expression on poor chaps face is priceless and that pose just adds to it. Good stuff, and keep it up. Your art kicks ass.


Heh. seems to me CeeJay is using methods that they teach "pro" artists, such as mikhail, solidasp, etc. I see similarities in their art: I was actually taught how to do the professional coloring method in phoenix, though I have not come near to actually using it properly LOL (looks nothing like the asp's color jobs) On a note from the "theme" of the pic, a friend of mine is still working out how a tail could possibly have the strength to bust through clothing (unless its a dragontail or somethin


It's very simple; the tail is an extension of the coccyx and thus has bones in it, including those such as horse tails which are mainly hair. No reason why a sudden extension of spine wouldn't rip through elasticated fabric, which would then *hurt* as the flesh was then pinched by the slit.


*wonders what the hell everyone else is talking about. and elastic fabrics are fairly rip resistant, its why we call them "elastic"* ??? Anyway, nice work on the critter.


Poerhaps the tail is an extension of the WILL of the coccyx, not simply a physical manifestation of it's presence. A realization of the inner coccyx, if you will.

Love the picture!


it would give you a wedgie, wodnt it expectaly if your thing is growing too.


Very nice. ^_^ StealthWolf-SS ^_^