Synthex Experiment #NC-2 by Inkblot

Synthex Experiment #NC-2 by

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Animal Tf
Forced Transformaion

Second Non-cannon synthex experiment, for lorvianne (


Subject Name(s): “Lorkos”

Gender(s): Male


Height(s): 1' 8”

Weight(s): 59 Lb

Mutation Trial: Primal Augmentation

Today's subject is a little odd. We usually focus our trials on humans, as our main goal is to perfect the human race. However sometimes we feel it is necessary to test mutations on animals, as with perfect humans walking about, most animals would be at a disadvantage. We must even the playing field if we are to co exsist.

We found this one wandering around. We don't know why its fur is the color it is, but we figured we could look into it during the experiment. So we took it back to the lab and proceeded our test.

We opted to go avian this round. We gave the animal a new set of legs and a pair of wings to let it travel farther then it could before. Its new legs allow for an upright stance, and its talons can grip branches to allow it to perch when its tired from the much flying it will do. We also gave it a sharp beak, and changed its diets to better fit its new lifestyle. Over all we consider this a success and hope to continue more with animal mutations in the near future.

Also we still don't know why its green...


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Strangely beautiful