Garde-Morph by Inkblot

Garde-Morph by

Date: 2/3/2018 Views: 10724 Favorites: 34 Comments: 4

Forced Tf
Mid TF

Looks like that mega-stone has a little bit more energy in it then usual! At least she won't need to catch a gardevoir to use it now!

I have been playing Pokken Tournament DX on my new switch! Of course I chose gardevoir as my partner, as it is my favorite pokemon! Seeing her kick butt all while being super cute got me in the mood for some gardevoir action! I am just surprised with how much i play pokemon, I have't done this sooner.


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This is absolutely wonderful. I love Gardevoir Transformations and I keep a note of every one i can find. I hope we get to see how she looks when completely transformed!

Or, evolved, heh.


I think we might see more of this pokemon trainer down the road. I might make a POKE-OC out of her.


That'd be amazing to see, for certain!


Interesting...I didn't know Pokémon TRAINERS could evolve!