Kaerwyn: Lacrimae Rerum by Jakkal

Kaerwyn: Lacrimae Rerum by

Date: 11/30/2013 Views: 17353 Favorites: 54 Comments: 8


This was another public plot that I made a comic introduction for. The basics was that Issac DeVane (The main antagonist in my webcomic Black Tapestries) managed to find his way to Kaerwyn, and through it, managed to find his way to Earth. And being kinda psychotic, he decided to use Kaerwyn's nature as "outside of time" to go back in time and well... destroy humanity on Raekarta (his homeworld) as well as Earth which he gained access to via Kaerwyn's rifter. Of course when I say 'destroy' I mean, 'make into Kaetif'.

Anyway I thought it would be fun for the players to run into Raekartan problems. Sadly, this plot wasn't well received.

I thought the poem was cute.


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poem was cute.

panel 1 , is fantastic !


I personally love the whole concept behind this. Your work never ceases to be more than amazing.


Holy cow! Now I recall you - from that one comic you posted like a decade ago around here. Seems like I'll have to look through your stuff now because this is quality work. Like Meetoo said, especially the first panel is great :)


why is black tapestries down again? sadly it never really ended :/


I only wish you had continued Black Tapestries ... let us incoluso stories and current stories sabers not get to that point again another different.


there is a comic found in deviant art being worked on.


This is awesome! Panel 2 reminds me of a stargate :)


*reads first two panels* aww, that's kinda cute and kinda cool at the same time

*reads panels 3 and 4* that escalated quickly