wendigo by Jakkal

wendigo by

Date: 10/28/2003 Views: 13427 Favorites: 22 Comments: 5


Sometimes I do mean things to Lorelei. In Kaerwyn's RP (kaerwyn.com) I twisted her fox-human nature into a wendigo-esque creature. Whoops. She's on the prowl now.


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the fur aspect is ..........wouahhhhouhhh




When are you not doing mean things to Lor? You killed her parents infront of her as a kid, turned her into a shifter and she hates them more than anything in the world, I have lost count of the times she has been fataly wounded and come back from the dead, but great pic!


Jakkal, I think, loves pouring all of her frustrations _AND_ transformation fantasies into Lorelei, unfortunately for her sake. :) Love the comic and the pics Jakkal. Keep it up, you're wonderfully talented.


I think she's going after Jakkal because she's pissed at what's happened in BT and Kaerwyn...either that or she really needs her coffee...or her liquid sanity. (--Silverwolf, t.o)