lorewendigo by Jakkal

lorewendigo by

Date: 1/5/2004 Views: 24065 Favorites: 41 Comments: 2


They say that the wendigo is a spirit that was once human ... evil people who do evil deeds without cause ... those who care little for their fellow man. They are vicious abominations, loneliness incarnate, forever hungry, trying to fill their empy souls


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The way the face is drawn, the loneliness and the pain could be made to fit any character you applied this TF to, not just Lorelei. I'd more imagine Lore having an "oh hell what NOW?!" sort of expression.


The way Lore keeps having transformations dumped on her, it's like the genious god behind crazy combinations like manticores, hippocampi and the like decided on Lore as his/her immortal test tube. :P I love the darkness and emotion is this one, as the others have said.