The Delta Project - Animal Resource Officer by Jakkal

The Delta Project - Animal Resource Officer by

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Snow Leopard

Lindsey is a shapeshifter from a world where superheroes exist. People thought maybe she should use her powers for various heroic based endeavors. She had a different idea, however. This is September 2018's The Delta Project page for Arrow Quivershaft.

The Delta Project is a crowdfunded anthology with a transformation theme. Every month I will draw at least one comic page for my Patrons (And then released later to the public). I also post my TF artwork there.

Patrons get to help decide what is drawn with suggestions, input, and polls! Want to take part?


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And how does she plan on helping?


Like a social worker.


really nice o3o


Reminds me of the "Sideliners" in Astro City. People who have powers, sometimes strong ones, but aren't suited to be superheroes or supervillains. Instead they use them in their jobs.


I'd love to know more. :)


Yeah, that was the best part of Astro City!


Could also be a breeding program to prevent sneps from become extinct. Wired... I know...


That's exaaaaaactly what I thought when I asked myself what would I do if I was a polymorph ! But I wouldn't mind being in an animal show too !


This is such an awesome idea!