Suddenly... by K-Libra

Suddenly... by

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Ripped Clothing

Usually she's in control of herself, but this time she was blindsided. This caused her here changes to be chaotic and hard to balance. Not to mention the discomfort it creates because she has to force the rest of herself to catch up. Plus, she only had time to take off her shoes before she couldn't do anything but be overwhelmed.

Something spontaneous. I don't make it apparent, but I do love dragons and dragon transformations.


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Ah... a dragon transformation with no boobs, no dongs, no nudity or sexual themes... THIS SITE NEEDS LESS PORN


Fantastic. Not happening all over at once. From the bottom up instead.


You know what? Non-porn is actually refreshing to see on this site. Holy crap I really just said that!


I never thought I would see the day when people would ask for less porn. My life is complete now, and my faith in the future of humanity has been restored. This comment section is a beautiful moment, and I will cherish it. Thank you.

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, awesome art (as usual). Really different form that's taking place here. Not very streamlined, but I feel like that's the appeal behind it. Sometimes transformation is not such a smooth transition. c:


I have been thinking the same thing for a while now, but I am nobody, and rarely does nobody speak.


i'd love to see a full tf of this lasting a few pages


Jeez, it's almost as if there's something wrong with porn.


Remember, you can use filters on this site.


The comments here make me happy. It's possible to appreciate nudity and still recognize it's no substitute for talent.


I like the tail growth looks good