Dragon Burst Tf Animation by K-Libra

Dragon Burst Tf Animation by

Date: 4/18/2016 Views: 4505 Favorites: 48 Comments: 2


So, with an update that I had a harrowing time getting a hold of for my program of choice I realized that there were a lot of limitations with what I could do. So, with a maximum of 24 frames at 8 frames per second, I challenged myself. Done quickly, very little corrections and detail. Just wanted to capture some motion and fluidity from what little I had available to me.


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This is so cool!!! For going for minimal a lot is shown, very well done.


Love the fluidity achieved within those constraints. With a time frame normally reserved for a cheap "poof, I'm changed" moment, you've managed to capture the visceral aspect of an all-over TF with just a couple of surges, and rush of new mass settling onto forepaws. Nicely done.