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This is my first TF pic ever! She has just changed into a fox, obviously.


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OY. File sizes, buddy. Look into it.

Great pic though.


Smaller dimensions would be nice, yes, but this is otherwise very nice. Hope to see more of you around these parts.


I think it looks great, but its a bit huge :)


Oh My GOD, don't listen to those size people, don't do anything but more pics... this is soooooo Kawaiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! I now have a suitable desktop pic



It's a bit big. Nice bold colours though. :)


I see a great future hear for you! keep up the good work!


I think its great and I think you have a great future in art. One thing though, human proportions are usually differnet than anthro proportions. It would be rare for all of her clothing to survive that, and even rarer for all her fur to be so neat and orderly after her first tf. Also the character looks.. calm for some reason, something I just don't get "scary" tfs.

In short I like your art and I think your a great artist. My suggestions are about the subject matter, not about the art its


Shrink the size.

I would've never been able to tell that it was a 'transformation picture' and not a anthro fox being surprised if you hadn't said it. Add some sound effects, rippage, differentiation between body parts or something of the sort.


I'd have to disagree completely with Leena's suggestion that her clothing would not survive. An anthro generally is not clothes-ripping larger than a human, at least when it's the same person. It's an interesting phenomenon, this clothes ripping - check out some TF pics across the net. You'll see people turning into anthros of the same size, and for some reason their clothes just fall apart. Sorry, but bunching fur up under your shirt would not make the stitching explode, even if the shirt was a


clothes-ripping is an interesting sub-turnon in the TF community. it conveys a sort of violence and explosive power the TF may not have had without it. since we as a society place so much emphasis on clothing and fashion (Gap, Abercrombie, etc..), it's a subtle and interesting comment to have the animalistic nature of the transformee sometimes literally exploding that. nice picture, btw - very cute. =)


EXTREMELY cute, but it is a BIT more anthro than TF.

Still, this is really good. I like it.

I also like the slight shock, more than complete fear.


I love this picture. Love foxes in general to. And I wouldn't worry to much about clothing tearing off, mainly because it really just depends on what's happenining during the transformation, and the mixture of human and animal....not to mention foxes are small creatures.


very good, especially for a first try! I look forward to future pics.


i too agree with the size issue, if you cant fit the whole image on the monitor at once, its hard to see it the way its meant to be seen. excellent work though, foxes are the best (not that im partial or anything .;) i really hope to see more work similar to this from you and hopefully some sequences ^.^ great pic


I like this pic. i'd love to see more of this style.


I think this picture is very good hope to see more of your work soon


Very good, with a little bit more practice you'll be a fantastic artist. The shading in a few area's could be smoother and the right arm. (my right,) looks slightly off, but it's within the margins of acceptability. The fingers look a little short to me as well, though I suppose you may've done that on purpose to make them look slightly paw like. All in all this is a wonderful picture you should be proud of. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.


PEOPLE, people! I think that file size, shading, shapes, etc. are no problem. This is a gargantuan leap in expertise in terms of a first attempt, I have seen artists work at this kind of thing for years and not get the right elements, but you got it in one try, guy. Keep it up, Keith!


Well, it *was* a lot bigger when it was first uploaded, now it's been shrunk to a more managable size. So now that that's out of the way, I'd say it's cute, but not godly like some people think. And sure there's no clothing rippage, but her pants are unbuttoned to let the tail out, so try to be thankful. ;)


It looks more like a growth picture than a transformation. . .


Hey, everyone this is Keith. Thanks for all of your comments, and sorry about the size at first. I was using a public computer to make this one and i didn't realize that the screen resolution was so huge. Sorry, but as you can see, it's been fixed now. As for the character being so calm and all, my characters are actually the kind of people who have little to no problem with becoming a furry... almost to the point of being happy with it. Thanks again for all the great comments. ^__^


I have to agree with Keith and others that a TF does not nessisate rippage. Depending on circumstance TVs can very widly but my "coosen default" for a non stroy driven TF tends to follow one simple principle.

body may change Mass does not. loosing mass in a TF is one thing but ive had a problem with non mystical TF sudden gain several hundred LBS just to become the big bad wolf. i dunno about youbut seing a 5'6" guy tirn into a 4'10" angry mass of fur and claws is just as scarry as the 12 foo


Not bad

but,improve on them drawing skills

and good luk :)


Awesome, u have a great futura ahead of you, i hope to see more artwork from you. btw. your drawing skils are perfekt, dont listen to the others XD


I don't see anything wrong in the size, I like it, She kinda reminds me of Serenity Wheeler from YuGiOh.


Love this pic.


make more art please!! She is sooo cute!! And what program did you use?? Becuse im starting to Make TF art.(i just need a scaner)


yeah what forza said!!! (besides the i'm making a tf part)


great and badwolf i thought i was the only one that ever looked at yu gi oh


So F*CKIN CUTE (dies)


I find it difficult to belive that this is your first picture; it just has feels like there was more expertise behind it. First picture COLORED maybe, but first pic? And as for the clothes ripping;, people have different tastes; there's nothin' wrong with the pic. PS: is anyone else finding that the end of the coments are being cut off?


Very sweet pic I like the style of it !

OriginalName1234 friend drew this. I watched him do so. >_>


first pic huh? well u got talent... a biiig talent plz make more


one of my personal favorites