Foolish humans on Pleasure Peninsula by KelvinTheLion

Foolish humans on Pleasure Peninsula by

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Cursed Location
Ripped Clothing

In issue 6 of Mythies, the characters go back to the Pleasure Peninsula theme park believing it to be curse free this time around. Wouldn't you know it, the place has been re-cursed and the badguys are handing out free beer and weed to make sure the humans transform. Here's hoping you guys don't all complain about the 2 characters in diapers in the first image. Let's be cool here. We all like different things.


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No need to excuse for the diapers. Every taste is different.

Personally, I've got no problems with it.


it seem he dont like it

the guy on the secong page

also i dont mind


Can't complain about freeze booze n' dro!




No problem with diapers, and I always enjoy your artwork. Are there more TF images in the issue?


Maybe the two characters are from different places with different curses! It's so fun making up ideas of where and how things came to be.