Stupid little boy on Pleasure Island by KelvinTheLion

Stupid little boy on Pleasure Island by

Date: 8/11/2015 Views: 20674 Favorites: 85 Comments: 7

Cursed Location

Enjoy the beer and cigars while you can. Soon you'll be changing to a species that better reflects your true self.


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now i'm wondering why most of tf's artists likes to draw donkeys at pleasure island x3 (i think that everyone likes "Pinocchio"). but i'm sure that now this does follow a fashion. hehe (which now this fashion will go too far x3)

Ps. i like it too "Pinocchio" also if sometimes scares me x3


Doing pleasure things and being too selfish with it. Forcing others to do the same things that will make them feel like a bad@$$. However, it only will make them look like Jack@$$es instead. It's like the moral thing to learn from. Don't do dirty guilty pleasures. Drinking and smoking is never good thing at all, there are recorded history of people actually got the alcohol banned for years. However that didn't last very long, because it is no longer banned.

To make it short, I do think TF artists are doing this as a guilty pleasure. I guess it turns them on for making it happen in their own drawings. LoL, or they personally thought it's cool and teach many a lesson. Don't be a jack@$$.


but what if instead that they become donkeys, they become horses? o3o


Horses don't have the same reputation for vulgarity and grossness that donkeys do, so the transformation of a crass human into a horse wouldn't work as well.


If his friends could see him they'd probably laugh their "asses" off.


Great work Kelvin--you have a knack for turning stupid boys into beasts!


that end panel was awesome, to see the look on his face like, "what have I done?" This was really well done!