Oh to gazelle with it! by KrazyIvan

Oh to gazelle with it! by

Date: 9/30/2018 Views: 11540 Favorites: 74 Comments: 4


Patron sketch for upcoming sequence


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What would the decimal do?


Make her 8.7 percent gazelle instead of 87 percent. I guess she just wanted the slender figure and long legs.


Being 8.7 percent gazelle would be scary because you don't know what the 8.7 would effect. You could end up as a human with the bad gazelle traits such as hooves instead of hands and feet, extra joints in your legs or a muzzle and nothing else! You'd be a Freak! plus with the hooves you won't be able to change back. the only way you would guarantee that you end up with what you want and not as a gazelle-human freak is if you would do 100% and that would have it's own problems. At least in this situation you could go full feral in your mind. Gazelles can't comprehend human made objects making it impossible for you to change back, plus your ability to think would suffer greatly. So unless you want to take the chance of going a certain percent and risk becoming a possibly irreversible animal-human fusion monstrosity I wouldn't use it.

Geez that was long


Just be glad she wasn't going for 10% and accidentally adding another 0.