Easy Eevee by KrazyIvan

Easy Eevee by

Date: 1/4/2019 Views: 11480 Favorites: 58 Comments: 11


Doodle for an Eevee TF sequence



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I don't think she likes being called easy.


she makes a very cute eevee =3


i got a good look at her face

wow she is not a happy camper over becoming an eevee


Idk why she would be. She will get Pokemon powers and FLOOF!


Nice one


she looks a lot more human in the second picture


now maybe its the position but it looks like no snout on the second picture

and the claws on her feet are gone did she trim them? (imagine that might been painful for her)

still like them (*but i prefer the first picture it looks further along the tf progress)


oh yeah no this isn't a sequence, this is just me practising for a sequence, the first one was me getting to grips with it an the second one is the base model I'm to work from based on what changes the client requested. Sorry if that wasn't clear, i put them together because they're the same subject.


no i saw it was a doodle i wasnt sure if it was a order doodle or just random

but its going nice

i prefer the first one =p (i like a more animal look but not fully animal look)

i still enjoyed it but ty for clarifying that this is NOT a sequence it just random doodles of an eevee girl in random progress of tf

cant wait to see more IF there more


The tail is my favorite part


might be me

but i think they need a pokemon tag