zodiacdragon by Kuma

zodiacdragon by

Date: 3/19/2008 Views: 26478 Favorites: 172 Comments: 7


My contribution to the zodiac thingy.


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Thas shirt is going to have wee bit of airholes in it, I'd wager. And it looks like it was a good shirt. Which makes a conclusion; he's gonna miss the shirt when(if?) he changes back. - Oh, don't worry, I just like to bother myself with little aspects like this, story-wise xD Great picture, on a rather rarely seen eastern dragon nonetheless :)


*grins* there it is. seems shadowchaser is passing the word along nicely among the others as well. The stylized, oriental arcane fire burning off the clothes is an imaginative touch: do you come up with all this on your own? nice clean color job too (but thats constant among most of your work). fantastic work:) Keep it up so the lazy bastages like me can procrastinate and not be missed;)


This meme sounds like fun. I should do it, even if I don't draw here anymore.


I really love this one. I like the horns and the paws on him.


Very nice dragon!


I bet we don't see any artists born in 1980 try this at all....


ha, thats orginal. Dont' see many quality ASIAN dragon tfs these days. And NEVER any ones where they are smiling....lol