dolphinTF by Kuma

dolphinTF by

Date: 5/7/2009 Views: 28348 Favorites: 180 Comments: 18

Fused Legs

My bad, never got around to uploading this one. Did it quite a long while back, for Transfurs 2nd theme. Not my usual style, but it was fun to do.


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Great to see you posting again, even if it is older material. Hasn't been seen here! Looks like this gal has finally found her 'porpoise' in life. Neat work, as always!


so you did the theme pic! thats amazing!


Yay, I love this pic :)


Ooh, never noticed the retreating nose before. Great work; I like it even more now!


Awesome work, one of the coolest dolphin transformations out there. Before anyone asks, I specifically wanted the legs fusing for "effect". :-)


Great Job Kuma :D


I like it from the waist up. It's not science detailing right.. I love Dolphin TF


Oh wow! I never guessed this was one of yours! Good stuff. :-3


The only think that bothers me is the legs. Since the dolphins tail is a tail.


I was wondering whwere this was. Thanks for putting it up, it looks better close up =)


I agree with Silvermage. But other than that its awesome. :D


I don't know, it could be that the tail was created from that of the tail bone, and once it had grown extensively long the legs are fusing in to form one long base....That's just my thoughts on the matter, but all in all I really love this transformation! It's so clear and the detail of the skin is amazing! It's my favorite background to use. Beautiful job!


hey do more on female


Not sure why peoples bothered by the tail/bottom half of dolphin. if you transforming into something, it not always correspond that everything on you turns into exactly what was on creature you turning inot. Could be that your body is mostly raw materials for the change, not creating matter but altering matter into something else. That one way to look at it, I also see it as just artistically awesome ^.^


Could be that the tailbone is extending for the skeletal component, but the legs are fusing in order to accomodate the neuromuscular component. The fusing legs hide the lengthening spinal column. And I can imagine what's going through her mind..."Aw geez, who put LSD in my suntan lotion?!"


good but the flukes could need some work


I agree with yoyoIlluser and alexloupe but also with silvermage. :-)