Cover Compromised by Little Napoleon

Cover Compromised by

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The title says it all: just before the exchange goes down, an intelligence operative has her cover compromised (in more ways than one)!

Yeah, Fernin was behind it again, this time feeling inspired by Secret Squirrel! He's always given me lots of freedom to create a scene, but maybe you've noticed a pattern? I'm under orders to take advantage of any wardrobe malfunction a TF could provide (not that I'd have it any other way :3). In this case, I figured it wouldn't take much weight to finish with the pants what the emergence of a big bushy tail would have started! Oh, and everybody knows all spies go commando - it's in the job description 8l

This was another one of those pictures where drawing the background took twice as long as the rest of the project, mainly because the perspective caused no end of trouble. But what better way to see a squirrel TF than from a squirrel's perspective?

(The story that goes with this can be found on FA here:


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Love it.

This site NEEDS more squerreil tfs.


She could hide the goods in her new bushy tail...