BETA-COLLIE - An Alpha Luna Story by Loboleo

BETA-COLLIE - An Alpha Luna Story by

Date: 8/19/2018 Views: 20199 Favorites: 178 Comments: 9


Well this is the cover for a comic that I started as a goal for Patreons only that is now finally available for purchase. It's basically an alternative story line within my Alpha Luna comic where "Collie" goes trough a werewolf transformation of her own.

Yup, it's fan-service for all intents and purposes, that said there is no sexual content here. Just some nudes proper of the context that can be considered sexy in its own right.

I just hope you like this cover. But if you're interested in the whole comic you can visit my site at I'll thank you in advance :)

BETA-COLLIE - An Alpha Luna Story


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when the full_released-collie will come? o3o (lol) *jk* looks cute o3o


It's already out at my site:


i see, also hope ya got the joke^^" but i can bet that won't able to see it^^" because is to payment (for sure) and i can't do nothing^^" so yea.


Yes yes yes! So exciting to see her get in on the TF fun.


Cool ^_^


Bought it. Can't wait to enjoy it!


Buen trabajo, ya te extrañaba, prefería le invertido mas tiempo al comic, producto central.

¡Me gustaría conseguirlo ? Tengo muchas duda sobre patreon, como subido el comic tiene activo esta inactivos.

disculpa lo voy que voy a decir, es algo mal gusto tenga activo si esta paginas del comic. Pero otro lado no pueda conseguir lo que ofrece si no subes nuevo material.

Tengo mucha pregunta esto.


Oh my god Leo is alive.


Did so, thank you!