Transformation-Sequence by Lquiroz

Transformation-Sequence by

Date: 8/19/2004 Views: 85759 Favorites: 300 Comments: 8

Fused Legs

This archeologist will learn to take artifacts home from her dive. Especially when they have come from Atlantis.


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Your painting is fine, but er... I think mermaids should have a fish like tail (like the tail actually being a tail and not some kind of leg). In your picture one can clearly see your's being a leg-tail with knee bend. Still it's technically nearly perfect.


The only problem I see is that this picture is called "transformation sequence". And yet, it has no such thing presented anywhere.


Very very nice, don't like all the gripes fool you, this is wonderfully drawn. Oh, and good luck with your buisness.


Who cares if it's not a realistic TF... It's awesome. Great job.


It's a wonderful piece. What is most clever is the way it is called 'Transformation Sequence'. It mocks the conventions by showing her sexily but never nude. Then it covers up the physical transformation while still showing the same emotion in the final frame and giving the same impact, without writhing body parts everywhere.

It's more thoughtful than the norm and I for one would like to see more in the same vein.


Phil here. As always, the women that Ric draws are always sexy and drawn quite well. I love this sequence, with the magic statue. How many of us have wished this to happen to us as well and wake up transformed?


This is a great transformation image, thanks!


you could of made it clearer to understand