Livestream Commission: Ant Droplet Ascension by Lucern7

Livestream Commission: Ant Droplet Ascension by

Date: 4/12/2014 Views: 9524 Favorites: 15 Comments: 3


ehh123's commission where an ant gets ascended to a more humanoid form from a mysterious droplet.

Whatcha think of my new style?


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i'd say it's quite an improvement, it's really clear and defined

but i gotta ask: is change all at the same scale? cause if so, that little ant dude is gonna have buckets of trouble considering he's still tiny.

"Incredible! I have gained intelligence on a level I could not even have comprehended before! With my new sapience, a new universe for me to understand and explore opens before me, I shall-"

*is splatted by boot of unwitting fat dude*


Yeah, same scale.


I for one welcome our new ant overlords.