EraValprofile by Maska

EraValprofile by

Date: 11/13/2006 Views: 5654 Favorites: 24 Comments: 4

Valerie, after Bekka's protocure allows her to transform halfway back to her old human self and regain her limbs, her ability to speak, and therefore to confess her sorrow for her actions in Era 2.


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This is a pretty neat mix of anatomy. I'm somewhat a fan of the 'mostly inhuman from waist down' mixes, and the avian head and neck's the icing on he cake. She looks suitably awkward. I'm just not sure about her beak, something looks a little off about it compared to her sequence earlier.


Hm...I like this mix as well. Her hands and waist are human, but with a mix of animal traits, as opposed to the alternative of making them 'scaley', which doesn't fit for this species...A great picture!


yay! a birdy! I love it, and for your story, this makes an interesting twist.


I guess the main question now is, is she still rideable? :)