Team Spirit Part 1 Inks by Mirandaleigh

Team Spirit Part 1 Inks by

Date: 7/14/2011 Views: 32588 Favorites: 89 Comments: 20


Showcasing what the finished comic looks like =D. Part one and part two are done and on my site. Roar.


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Mirandaleigh, I adore your work. :) You are the second best TF artist I have ever seen (after Arania).


i'm lost


Were-Wolves + Cheerleaders = PURE WIN!


Re: Rashktah - Amen. There so many good and free comics available that I can't see myself paying for comics, regardless of how good they are. =/ Which is a bummer, cause Mirandaleigh is one of my favorite artists here.


Rashktah - the paysite is a paysite, my website is a free site with a download shop (meaning you have to pay for items that aren't free). was the site, the other site was listed below on my profile.

Kaze - If not for the few who buy from me, I wouldn't draw TF content at all. I have two free webcomics, I draw plenty of free art requests on my forum and I do live video streams pretty often too. I am thankful for all my fans, whether you buy things or not - but the world doesn't run on good will alone.

For example, this comic was the idea of a fan. He said 'create a werewolf cheerleader comic and i'd buy it!' and I went 'okay, but you don't have to pay for it' since it was his idea. That's just how things work out. =)


Yo! Cool of you to drop by here now and then. I have the full comic. Pain for and all. Liked it. I wish you would draw more TG's. Like in Mohou Oh No! Anyway. How's life? :)


Pain = Paid. I must have been on acid. XD


Miranda, your werewolf TF artwork are one my most favorite kind to watch and admire! I wish you not to stop, since your TF art is at a high level of beauty of werewolf TF art. :-D

// a great fan


Miranda Thank you greatly for posting the freebies you do!

I am a GREAT fan of your work, and had I the disposable income to do so would Happily subscribe to your site



Thanks all.

Tre3tre - Thanks so much for buying it, I hope you like it (Part three on the way!). I'll probably do more TG content, since people do seem to enjoy it.

Anti- Glad you like it. A reason I don't do werewolves more often is because I've heard complaints that they're boring and common. Luckily you can read my webcomic (Hunter's Moon) and see some wolf action to come.

Violet- I do freebies because if not for my fans I wouldn't be anywhere =D. Plus giving feels great.


Are there any make TFs in this series? I'd buy those in an instant.


I've bought Part 1 and 2 of this comic on your store, I REALLY LOVE IT <3 I've been following a lot of artist on Transfur, FurAffinity or DeviantArt for months and you became my favorite in one day. :D

Like Antichri- said, your Werewolf TF Art is the best of the best, period. Werewolves boring and common? Meh that's not my opinion, Werewolves are classic, original, magnificent. Well, they're my favorite creature too =3

And Thanks for answering your fans with good answers like you're doing and giving free previews, too much artist have in mind : PAY THE STUFF OR GTFO.

I'll continue to follow your work =D

BTW, when is part 3 coming? x) Do you have other comic (In your store or else) in the same style as 'Another Day on the Farm' and 'Team Spirit'? (Well this one).


great art keep it up =)


Very nice generally. Only thing with you is still some wonky looks for legs and at time torsoe. Some of that is likely simply style but it still takes a way a lot from an otherwise excellent piece.


Sorry, I meant to type "Are there any male TFs in this series? I'd buy those in an instant."


---> Mproust

For the two parts released, there isn't male TFs but from the part 2 ending, there is going to be a part 3. MAYBE there will be Male TFs in Part 3 ^_^


Mproust- What Reaper said.

Reaper - SHhhshhshhh! =D and as for part three, as soon as I finish inking it =D, gonna shoot for as soon as possible, but will probably be two weeks minimum before I can get it on the shop.

As for more comics in the same art style - all of them, as for comics with tf, anything comic wise on the shop usually has tf, or tg, or both.


Two Weeks? What about two days? >:) (Alright, let me dream!) I'll just end this by wishing you good luck in your career! You have a lot of well earned fans (including me) and you make them happy with your hard work!


Where can i see the rest?


Do you have it in Spanish ?, my English is not good