otterclr by Mirandaleigh

otterclr by

Date: 8/4/2006 Views: 14363 Favorites: 86 Comments: 7


Colored because someone thought I should =p. Peer pressure, go fig. Purple is the color otters should be, and would be if they bathed in plutonium. =) A quick color job, didn't take more than about an hr. It was fun, I don't usually color things without inking them. Fun experience/experiment.


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OMFG that looks BAD ASS!!! you need to color all your stuff now! it add so much to the piece. Good Job!


Oh, wow, YES. Sexcellent! What did you use to colour that?


Monster otter! The feet look great, and the color is certainly unexpected.


I thought this image was impressive as a sketch, and I really, Really like it in colour. Job well done.


Wow... this is what I'm talking about with Mustelid TFs. THIS is it.


Bitten by a radioactive otter, he has the shape of an otter but the proportionate strength of an... um... otter.


So fuzzy....must hug... (but would probably get hurt) ;)