Wow Nether Drake tf by Mirandaleigh

Wow Nether Drake tf by

Date: 12/7/2010 Views: 18716 Favorites: 134 Comments: 15

Inks vs colors,


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Both are nice. Inks has some sweet linework that's mostly too subtle to see in the colors, but otoh the color scheme's great. My only criticism is that it doesn't look that much like a TF - wing growth is still happening and the pose & proportions are still partially human, but we're really far in the tf and there's no clothes or other indicator that this was a human.


I still have my Nether Drake tucked away on my poor abandoned Human Warrior... A beautiful transformation, the colors are magnificent and I love the blending of human and draconic form. The background is nothing to sneeze at either, and I think my favorite part is the way she looks to be crying "--ACK!!!' or some similarly appropriate exclamation.


avatarjk137, this is true, although Transfur seems to have made almost non-TF pics as well as furry/anthro art tottaly legit on here. This could very well be a close to post-TF pic. I do agree though, i love that color scheme


Nether drakes are beautiful, but not this beautiful - this piece of arts is just cute & gorgeous at the same time, and the colors are just... vibrant, alive, and fitting to a t. Not to mention the expression which just tells everything needed <3


avatar - she's transforming from a nether drake into a humanoid drake, not a human. She loses the wings and they turn into little funky glowy stubs.


hmm would be a great sequence


Totally buyin' that. ;)


I think that's one of the better coloring jobs I've seen you do, good job.


Colour is awesome!


just one thing whats with the mouth? as u can see her inside part of the mouth is shown but the side we're looking at doesn't have it... well its hard to explain, but if you look at her mouth , behind the teeth, there is that skin that indicates the other side of her mouth , but it doesn't exist on the side we're looking at, and if it is on an angle, it is hard to see the angle, but otherwise then that, AWESOME!


ppp- it's not a perfect profile image, but closer to 3/4 of her head turned. It's why the inside of her cheek can be seen.


I like your WoW artwork! really! I liked that one when the Night Elf girl turns into a Troll Male. It was amazing how you drew the anatomy changes like the muscles, the hands and others! And now this Netherdrake is pretty cool! <3 your art!


sequence it!


weelllll i gues your right...