I'm an art lover like many here on Transfur, but I am quite a bit more critical of art than most commenters I've seen... and I'll be blunt: I haven't been impressed by the vast majority of work that's turned up here in the past year or so. The degradation of artistic quality and subject matter, coupled with the sloppy site design and inept administrative system on Transfur, has led me to forego this site for my current Gallery on DA.

A handful of high-calibre artists have popped up amidst the sea of mediocrity, which is one of the few reasons I still visit on occasion. I only acknowledge the good aspects of a piece of work after addressing the bad, so if I've directly complimented your work, it means I think it's genuinely good... and that you're one of those exceptions.

I can't draw to save my life, so don't expect any submissions from me (not that I imagine anyone here does). I'll stick with my writing, thank you.

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