Rattus by Noitamina

Rattus by

Date: 2/25/2009 Views: 12625 Favorites: 44 Comments: 5


Not much. Just sketched this yesterday while was *supposed* to be doing homework. Slapped a cruddy 30 minute coloring job on it today and, voila! Anyway, I know I wanted to do more "unusual" animals, but this just turned out so well that I had to add it. I couldn't quite get the bg dark as I wanted, and it just looks kind of smokey now, but alas, I am lazy.


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Not Bad.


If this is just a sketchy project with a cruddy coloring job like you wrote, then I would love to see what you can do with full focus and effort. Nice job.


Not bad at all. It's nice to see more rats and mice; they're underused, of late.


Unfortunately it's so dark it's nearly invisible. :(


Good for the description you gave, but the face looks more like a beaver or something.