SJWW by Rey


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Ripped Clothing

Pretty mild-mannered normally, but...


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I am totally here for Nazi-eating werewolves. This is sweet. :)


Thanks, me too!


I'm of German heritage (a great grandmother) and yet I quite like this picture well drawn


A noble symbol. Antifa needs more werewolves.


"Don't worry. There's plenty enough for everyone."

- Postal 2, The Postal Dude


hate against hate doesn't work. and the indian people wont understand why you destroy their swastika... truth is a cure. its not about symbols its about mindsets... understand how everything is linked.


Yeah, hardly anyone seems to know that the nazis didn't invent the swastika. It's actually an indian symbol of auspiciousness and good luck.


Well, the Nazis pretty much own it now. I don't think anybody is going to mistake a black rotated swastika on a white circle on a red field for any good luck symbol.


Dude, if one group is saying I want to kill the people in another group for being born into that other group, it's not equivalent. If one group actively tries to make my life shitty because I was born a certain color or love a certain person or whatever, I'm not going to politely debate them, and I doubt you would either.


hi clicketyclack, i am a human and i love all humans! I just wanted to point out that a "war" will lead to suffering not matter what intension is behind the "war". the picture above is hatefull and not healing..thats all. sure you have to be strict against violations of human rights! But try to not get involved into any propaganda whatever side ..... in short : dont be against something but be in favor of humans and their rights. if you think nazis is a problem than destroying something is not the right way to express it. try to talk and spread ideas of peace and humanity. Thanks for your time.


if you aply a force with a hand against an object than there builds an anti force from the object against your hand. its a principle of physics and life.


I love it! Antifa werewolf, probably ran across a Nazi rally and heard what they were chanting and just LOST IT - wonder if his pack would be up for a little hunting?