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Date: 6/23/2010 Views: 16726 Favorites: 126 Comments: 7


Cearenbows request. Its his charcter Penelope turning into a dragon of sorts.


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what kind of of sorts will she be?


Kinda resembles Space Godzilla with that crystalline thing on its shoulder. Which makes it all the more cooler.


Yes I based the design off of Space Godzilla so I'm giving credit to that design:) But I wanted a more dragonlike being so her head still needs to change, the neck grows longer, head horns develope alot more, she gets naked lol, and her chest eventually flatens out and expands making her more dragonlike (Yes I know most of you like boobs heh). As for powers her chest Jem absorbs energy into it from the air and stores it in her Shoulder Crystals, which makes them glow. Then the energy is transfered to her mouth when needed and compressed into an energy ball in her mouth which is then fired like a powerful beam. In case your wondering she's a new model Cearaphyn I'm working on.




whoa, awesome coloring and style. love the shoulder crystals.


Great work like the pose...


Cooooooooooooooooooooool..... I like it!