Full Moon Night by Silver557

Full Moon Night by

Date: 2/8/2009 Views: 8425 Favorites: 62 Comments: 4


Well...not really a TF...but it does has a WEREwolf in it. This is a character from a story 'o mine, on the usual classic thinger of going furry at moonlight nightz.


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oooh it looks so cool!


Nah - werewolves are fine on this site :) And there's a lot of were-fans who come here for it, so thanks for sharing. Nice ink job, very atmospheric background. General awesomeness. But since I always try to leave constructive crit (in hopes of getting more myself!!), the forearm starts at in the wrong place relative the neck. Ironically, her background arm would start in the perfect place. With the shoulder thrown back like that though, either her neck or her chest need to be at a different angle (tilt your chin up and move your arm between a dropped-forwards position and a raised-backwards position and you'll feel either your chest or head moving) The result is that the head looks a bit disjointed from the body here. Great work though, with clearly a lot of effort put in. I hope to see more!


Man, that pose is so awesome.


"THERE wolf........there castle." (Sorry, couldn't help thinking of 'Young Frankenstein') 7@=e