changeIII by Silver557

changeIII by

Date: 3/18/2009 Views: 12001 Favorites: 86 Comments: 7


'Nother one. Mainly practicing fur and crazy coloring, while talking to a certain person. xD. Who ever said everyone has to get scred/crazy/mad after changing? >:3


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Wow nice rain and shading effect


The mood is well set with the colors, very powerful.


It's good, but the fur is a little...busy. Draws the eye away from the rest of the piece. Still nice, though.


Mm... the color scheme is very haunting and supernatural. Black cats and flying brooms. I definitely like it, although the use of blue is perhaps excessive maybe a contrasting color like red or green firelight could spiff things up. Also, the way you did the fur makes her head blend in with the rest of her body. And... that ends my Simon Cowell critiques. Forgive me. *bows*


I agree with Istanbul on the busy part. Also, the moon is probably misplaced. It's so bright in a background filled with blue.. it kinda averts the eyes from your wolf, which is the main center point, I'm assuming. I think it's still a good color.


I would so like to be there to see her =^.^=


The detail is impressive here. I like the contrast between the colors of the character and background, and the idea of someone transformed not freaking out so much about it.