howlofrage by Silverhyena

howlofrage by

Date: 12/7/2008 Views: 9596 Favorites: 48 Comments: 12


A werewolf expresses his anger, screaming his rage to the moon while overlooking a small farm.


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I like the legs and paws.


Thank you very much.


Do you give artistic lessons? I'd love to learn how to draw like this! Well done!


Sorry...I don't...not yet at least...I'd like to give lessons someday. And yes...kill all the men, but just give the women a little nip...XD More werewolves, more joy, and more fuzzy werepuppies too...


Wow now thats what a smart but horny hungry werewolf would do, but a original would just kill them all off..what a shame, whats the use of having a bloody happy day if you got nobody to enoy it with as a were but overrall good art work LOL B-)


*giggles* What was that about cute fuzzy werepuppies? You should soooo draw some of those :) Lovely job as always, here.


"Well, I'm not for "Original" werewolves. No, my werewolves are smarter then that. Although sometimes they have to kill. But you see, you've got to be smart to take on those silly vampires...Thanks!


Werepuppies! Pretty much a werewolf puppy. They would not be really scary. It's kind of hard to be scary when you're covered in fuzzy puppy fur and have slightly floppy ears. Thanks!


Why so angry?


Hmmmm...perhaps these farmers tore down his forest to make room for their house and farm...I'd be angry too.


Very nice work, as always. I like the setting quite a lot. :-)


What if he IS the farmer? Maybe he's just got frustration over a poor crop season or mortgage issues. Or maybe someone's dumping something that's poisoning his land.