tobealycan by Silverhyena

tobealycan by

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This was actually my first drawing, or rather, drawings, of my vampire slaying werewolf, Tammy Silverclaw. I found it when going through my sketch book. So, here it is.


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Good! Because... secretly, Werewolves > Vampires ... :3


Oooh. So this werewuffy's no the "rawr, bite your head off" sort? She sounds like the sort that'd be fun to have as the head of a pack...just think, a whole pack of vamp-hunting werewolves?


You know it is kind of funny, vampires and werewolves frequently occur in the same stories regardless of what media the stories are recounted in (books, film ect. . .) and yet 1) except for the subpar movie series Underworld no one tries to explain why these two presumably unrelated creatures are frequenly required to exist in the same fictional universes and 2) despite the fact that they are almost always together I don't think I have ever seen a werewolf vipire slayer before. Why is this? I mean given that they are so frequently together I am honestly surprised this is the first example I have seen. Heck it would have never occured to me either even though the the idea seems obvous and or necessary in retrospect, but apparently isn't. Certainly this has the potential to be entertaining, will you be doing out stories of this character in some form either here or elsewhere on the net?


Werewolves will slaughter vamps any day as far as I'm concerned.


Oh Tammy will gladly bite your head off too, don't get me wrong. Of course, her way of saving people from the curse of vampirisom is to, ahem, give them lycanthropy instead. And Tammy would be to crazy to lead a pack.


I'm not exactly sure where the animosity between werewolves and vampires came from. Maybe it's because they are both powerful creatures of the night, each trying to prove they are stronger.