Kingoflycanswebpic by Silverhyena

Kingoflycanswebpic by

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Okay, this is LONG overdo. Like... a year or more, overdo. I had completly forgotten about this lineart until a few days ago. But, I got down to busness, riveted my but to my computer chair, glued my tablet to my hands, and went to town. Several hours later, I have this. The King of the Lycans. I decided to try a different color combination. Generally I color my werewolves black or the traditional grey and tawny. I decided to try out redish brown and grey for a change, and I rather like it. This will also be entered in the Puyallup Fair this year. I personally have never seen a werewolf entered in the fine arts show, so I'm curious to see how this will do. Interested in buying a print or T-shirt? Get one here,


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woah, now that is an awesome pic. I mean seriously, the detail on this thing is just amazing!!! I particularly like the staff.


Thank you very much.


where have you been???


Overdue! Overdue!


I've been very busy. And most of the art I've been working on has had nothing to do with werewolves or transformations so I couldn't post it here. But it's nice to come back with a splash!


Qualin got there first. Damn!


Puyallup Fair huh? I've entered stuff in there in the past, nothing of transformation nature though hehe. His claws are pretty damn sweet, good job =)


Thank you very much, Slyde. The Puyallup Fair generally has art work featuring more... traditional subjects. I'm just hoping my peice will be so different it will stand out.


I love his abs!!!