Firekregtrans by Silverhyena

Firekregtrans by

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I haven't uploaded a sequence in some time. So, here's a late-night sequence I've done of my halfling werefox character, Firekreg Foxshire. Enjoy!


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I know that this is a lost cause, but D&D Halflings are not hobbits. They're nomadic instead of a caricature of English landed gentry, they're extroverts who try to fit in everywhere instead of somewhat bigoted xenophobes, they thrive on the 'interesting times' hobbits curse and they don't have large, furry feet that they refuse to wear boots over. Just check the pictures on pages 12 and 13 in the 3.0/3.5 PHB. Ignoring the 'fluff' and just assuming Halfling means Hobbit is a disservice to Tolkien, TSR's writers, and your character. I'm sure he'd really like to have something between his feet and whatever vile substances might be on an asylum floor. But aside from that, yes, it's a very nice sequence. I bet some of that face jewelry hurts mid-shift, though.


For your information, Selden, I do play D&D. I have made a few halfling characters. The version I play mostly is the 1st and 2nd edition, which, as discribed in the players handbook AND Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings (2nd ed), are more like the hobbits from LOTR. And that is what I base my characters off of. My D&D experence. Player characters are suppossed to be different from the norm.


5!! i think it should stop at the third picture. who needs to walk on four legs? hybrids ftw!


Hmmm, I've always thought of Firekreg having three forms that he can change into at will. There's the dire werefox (which is what I have done here), normal red fox, and the beastial werefox, which is more anthropormorphic. Maybe I should do sequences of the other two forms.


Waiiit, though. If you play 2e D&D, you might know that there are no male, halfling werefoxes! Foxwomen, as they're also called, are always female, and appear elven. They kidnap young women with elven blood, and transform them into others (as they cannot have children). Their deity, Eshebala, can be found in the Abyss. *Is far too geeky*


Okay, some people have WAY to much time on their hands.


Nah, I just had one as a PC and got attached to her.


I love the "fox and hen house" tidbits in there. Though that's just me being a sucker for tf-related puns ;P


The way you draw canines is a very interesting and new approach I havent seen before... keep it up!


One word. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering when you'd post more art.