Nasherthelabrat by Silverhyena

Nasherthelabrat by

Date: 6/22/2010 Views: 11825 Favorites: 64 Comments: 8

Mad Scientist

Wow! It's amazing what you find when you go through your art folders and files on your computer once in a while. I stumbled upon this design that I started... two years ago! Dr. Knarks' favorite pet wererat, Nasher, is finally finished. I certainly hope the good doctor will take it easy on me for being late with this. He's down in my basement right now... probably turning teenage girls into dogs or something. What was I saying? Oh yeah, here's Nasher, fully shaded and even a simple background.


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Ah, the wererat. One of the more popular non-canine variations of "were" in my experience.


So does he gurle green goo and everybody that touches it get infected?


lol cool concept, tre3tre


Good thing to see somthing non wolf in the were catagory. Plus more rat TF's could be used... then the cat TF's will sky rocket...


Eyy! :-) Good comment! And thank you Gnat.


to Silver... What have you been up to? So long since last posts


Well, I've been getting my driver's license, buying a car, and in other words trying to get my life moving in a forward direction. Sadly my Transfur art had to take a back seat. But, I got my license, got my car, and I figure I hadn't drawn anything for Transfur in some time.


Well, considering the fact that I enjoy living and dislike pain, yup! I will drive safely.