Mechanical - Octransfur 2020 by Sonicspirit

Mechanical - Octransfur 2020 by

Date: 10/8/2020 Views: 2608 Favorites: 6 Comments: 0



I warned people on Twitter was gonna do Knux dancing the robot today, rather than something more obvious, like roboticization. So, I did! A dance defined by moving from pose-to-pose. I'm smrt.

I'm really gonna hafta start doing more blow-off IDM TFs, it was so fun playing with Hank-Knuckles' mid-TF design.

^_^ Plus, the non-canon adventures that can happen!

I think I'm gonna start controlling the backgrounds on these a bit more, they're not working quite as well as they need to with transparent backgrounds across all the platforms. *shrug*