It Doesn't Matter: Knuckles TF Stages by Sonicspirit

It Doesn't Matter: Knuckles TF Stages by

Date: 10/29/2020 Views: 5635 Favorites: 7 Comments: 0

Whoop! Turned out I needed new TF stage references for It Doesn't Matter! So I kinda slammed through a new Knux TF, whoop. I like how he turned out, and it's hella cool to compare it to the old one from 2016!

Concept here was that it's a TF that happens pretty evenly across their whole bodies, which, even I tend to draw them more piecemeal nowadays! It was really cool to cast back to that, when heck, I been writing this damn thing sooo long!

I love drawing Knux with his spines pulled up into a ponytail so much.