Helping customers get warmer by Spacecat

Helping customers get warmer by

Date: 12/3/2013 Views: 12697 Favorites: 138 Comments: 10


A commission for supertrainstationh

He had an idea about some haunted hotel, where the cheapskate hotel managers would transform their sleeping customers into furry anthros in the night in order to save on the heating bills.

So far, nobody has complained yet!

He just wanted a before and nearly done shot. She has yet to get the fur, but once she does she'll be nice and toasty. In the morning she'll be human again, so no harm has been done at all.


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Book me in! ;)


The must have some scratch resistant sheets and covers for all those claws. I mean, if you had a restless sleeper their sheets would be in tatters all around where they were laying in the morning. That'd freak customers out wondering who or what did that to their bed. It could make for a decent mystery short story with the twist being the customers are the culprits (and in turn the hotels). What if they sleep walk? That could be a point of interest.

OK here, so we have this hotel that has rumours of animal "attacks" at night. There are even rumours of an animal that walks as a human at midnight. Some thrill seekers or mystery debunkers go to the hotel to see what's up. Spending a night at the hotel, they stay up late to see if they can see the animal. They do, but it escapes. Night after night it keeps getting away. They hook up cameras outside and go to sleep properly for the first night in days.... it writes itself. Oh and the animal walking at night is the owner, he sleep walks.


is this one of those hotels that have hourly rates? comment if you catch the drift lol


I would love it if u could do this same thing but with different animals.


i like it


This is a really fun concept. ^_^


Inventive and charming. It works on so many levels of fun.


indeed is really good :D i'd like use it for when i sleep xD (or when i want it for the entire winter each day different anthro fur x3)


I think I would continue this as a series. It would make for a fun comic!