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Mad Scientist

BML Plastics & Manufacturing, Ltd. has rather unorthodox methods, but I can assure you one thing: synergetic relationships between products and markets are their top priority.


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Does the timeline read right-to-left, row by row, or some other way?


Nice Portal reference!


looks great but the pictures are very tiny and I cant realy see whats going on


"Foxcube is abovegod."


This is interesting, but it makes me feel very dumb. The little stasis cube he is trapped in fits in three dimentions of space, but only if infinantly tessilated (or with teleportation). However if it is a single unit without teleportation (which is what I believe you are indicaiting, but again, I feel dumb for not getting this) I am not sure it fits in four dimensions of space. One can kind of draw out a flour plan and bend that two dimensional object into an equivalent 3D object, but I think if you take the full 3D space and bend the connections as indicated it may need five dimensions to prevent some overlap. I could be wrong though I have trouble picture some 4D objects, and am only caipable of picturing the simplest 5D ones. Or is the fourth dimension of this prison supposed to be time? So the other individuals in the timeline sequences are his past or future selfs? I guess that makes more sense. In conclusion: again intersting but I feel very dumb. Could you explain?


Studying this hard, am I right in concluding that on day three he figures out how to get out by witnessing how his day 4 self "saves" his day five self by sending day 5 out the exit shoot?


"portal 2: tf edition"


Sooooo very sciency... I wanna stare at this for a while.... .... .....*drool* @. X


Read this from top to bottom left to right. D1: He enters the chamber, has conversation with his D2 self on the couch, has a cry on the bed while D2 self consoles him, finally sits on the top floor, looking down at where D4 self is putting D5 self through the exit. D2: Checks the clock. Has conversation with D1 self, consoles him on the bed, and then notices he's started turning into a fox. D3: Tries to get out through the exit but can't fit. Sits on the couch, takes off shirt, sighs. Notices D5 self having turned into a costume. D4 self picks up D5 self. He goes back to the couch and slinks down on the floor, worried. D4: Roams a bit until seeing D5 has turned into a costume. Pushes D5 through exit. D5: Checks clock, knows what time it is. Feels the last changes coming. Falls over and fully tfs into a costume. D4 picks him up, stuffs him through the exit.


i dont... i dont get it O_O


This is a closed timelike curve, and all three spatial dimensions are curled around so they form a looping space bubble. There is no teleportation, it's a pocket dimension where all the edges touch, though spacetime is flat enough that gravity is still "down". Artificial gravity of some sort is probably necessary. So yeah, all four dimensions (three of space and one of time) are looped.


chrontius Right I see the folding diagram, but once you add in the slide entrace and shoot exit, there is spacial overlap no mater how you distort 3D space in a continuous manner (it can be distorted in a discontinous manner, but that is effectively the same as teleportation).


Wierd. But cool.


I totally frickin understand now