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Date: 9/1/2004 Views: 8057 Favorites: 30 Comments: 11

Science has demonstrated that there is only a 1% genetic difference between humans and chimpanzees...or is that .75%? Possibly only .5%....We have a bid of .25% from the gentleman in the back row, do I hear a .1%? Going once...going twice...


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Xaipe! It's rare to find a same-order TF (Primates) around here....Congrats for striking a blow for De-Evolution! 7@=e


TF's aren't De-Evolution, they're Re-Evolution!


Wow, you really know your anatomy! It's really subtle, but you caught the difference between human & chimp hands (& it looks like you drew this guy's hands right in the middle) - bravo! Plus your coloring is beautiful - colored pencils?


Yes, colored pencil...there may be just a little bit of pastel pencil in there as well, I forget exactly. Thanks muchly for the encouragement!


indeed a beautiful art style. I feel like I'm looking at an old science textbook more than a piece of fictional art: The style is like the old diagram sketches they had before photos and CG were available, and the anatomy is realistic enough to make it believable that its some sort of documentation of a rare disease. I heard some political radicals were trying to get apes human rights because they share so much with us genetically, but it was shot down, given that rights are given more out of th


Nice new style... funny background explanation! : )


nice, there can never be enough primate tranformations!


Actually, chimpanzees only match up to the human genome 96% while a Cat's matchs up 98.6%


Really? I'd heard that it might be possible to create a 'mule' crossbreed of human and ape somewhere. If cats are more closely related than apes, does that mean that there's potential for anime catgirl hybrids being created without much fuss? :)


I love this one!


Really Wahwah? That is very interesting. 98.6% is more then some apes. In any case, I love this piece. :)